Kobin Documentation

Type Hints friendly WSGI Framework for Python3.

Kobin has following features.

  • Decorator based Routing System exploited Type Hints.
  • WSGI request and response Wrapper.
  • Provide type annotations from stub files.
  • and other convenient utilities…

And Kobin has NO following features:

  • WSGI Server Adapters: Please use WSGICLI or Gunicorn CLI.
  • Serving static contents: Please use WSGICLI and Nginx.
  • Template Engine: But Kobin provides template adapter.


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Supported python versions are python 3.6. And Kobin has no required dependencies other than the Python Standard Libraries.

The following packages are optional:

  • wsgicli - Command Line Interface for developing WSGI application.
  • jinja2 - Jinja2 is a full featured template engine for Python.

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